Profin Sustainable Energy Solutions provides advisory services to renewable energy initiatives, and to organizations on how to become more energy efficient.

Whether you are a project owner, land or real estate owner, or simply someone interested in renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, find out what we can do for you.

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  • 30Projects under management
  • 900Million investment value serviced projects
  • 1000MW projects serviced throughout Europe


At Profin Sustainable Energy Solutions we are passionate about accelerating the renewable energy transition.

We strongly believe in the potential of all projects, whether it concerns a residential or industrial roof area, a multi MW solar farm, onshore or offshore wind farms, we strive to add value and provide the expertise required to make the project successful.

Since the start of our journey our clients have been diverse, and this is something with which we pride ourselves. From large offshore wind developers in search of an insurance solution for projects exceeding 1 billion euros in total investment, to real estate owners with a desire to make their assets more sustainable by placing a few hundred solar panels on their roof, we can help in guiding the process smoothly.

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