Storm Windfarms

Storm currently has 12 wind farms of a total of 28 turbines running onshore in Belgium. Together they produce approximately 184 GWh annually, which is sufficient to provide electricity to some 55.000 Belgian households. They have the ambition to realise many more projects in Belgium.

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Project related data

  • 69.8 MWCapacity
  • 28Turbines

An overview of Storm’s windfarms

Name wind farm    

Amount of turbines


Desselgem 2 4.0 MW
Dilsen-Stokkem 2 4.0 MW
Geel 3 6.0 MW
Genk 1 2.0 MW
Haven Gent 3 9.0 MW
Lokeren 4 9.2 MW
Maasmechelen 2 4.0 MW
Meer 3 9.6 MW Under construction
Minderhout 1 3.0 MW
Wachtebeke 2 5.0 MW
Westerlo 2 4.1 MW
Wielsbeke 3 6.9 MW
Zandvliet 1 3.0 MW Under construction


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