Insurance in renewable energy

Profin Sustainable Energy Solutions is one of the leading risk advisors and brokers in the solar and wind energy market in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Expertise related data

  • 30+Projects under management
  • 900Million investment value serviced projects
  • 1000MW projects serviced throughout Europe
  • 1Million metric tons CO2 annual savings


We have been involved in the sector since the early 90s, when the first projects were constructed.

Our business has grown from the insurance of small stand-alone turbines of 200kW, to large offshore windfarms with turbines of 9,5MW operated by multinational companies. The first hand experience built up over nearly three decades enables us to provide due diligence studies, advisory and broking services that ensure the best possible solutions for managing risks in renewable energy projects. Due to our position in the market we are able push for solutions that truly serve our client’s interests.

Today Profin Sustainable Energy Solutions is the insurance advisor for several offshore wind farms in the North Sea including, but not limited to, Northwind, Nobelwind, Belwind, Deutsche Bucht and Northwester 2, and are rapidly expanding our business in the solar sector.

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