Eurus Windfarms

The Japanese firm Eurus Energy has projects in various parts of the world, including in the Netherlands. They have obtained several wind farms from Yard Energy in the Netherlands, totalling 72.5MW in total. Yard Energy and Eurus Energy have stated that they are planning to cooperate closely in the realisation of new wind farms.

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Project related data

  • 72.5 MWCapacity

An overview of Eurus’ Windfarms

Name wind farm


Eurus Windpark Zoetermeer 9.0 MW
Eurus Windpark Lely 5.2 MW
Eurus Windpark Boerderijweg 9.2 MW
Eurus Windpark Tolhuis 9.9 MW
Eurus Windpark Dalfsen 9.9 MW
Eurus Windpark Oesterdam 5.0 MW
Eurus Windpark Van Gogh 10.0 MW
Eurus Windpark IJslandweg 2.3 MW
Eurus Windpark Netterden 12.0 MW


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