Investment opportunities

Are you a landowner looking to create more value by allowing your land to harvest the energy of the sun, or an investor looking for opportunities to invest in clean energy, scroll down for more information.


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Investment opportunities

At Profin Green we are passionate about accelerating the renewable energy transition.

Through our extensive experience in project development in the renewable energy sector we have learned that we can not achieve our dreams alone. We strive for constructive and longterm partnerships with various sorts of parties, ranging from landowners, other developers, investors and the authorities. Profin Green takes a cooperative approach. A transparent, fair negotiation process and proper handovers with investors are therefore at the heart of our own interests.

During the early stage development phase we shall evaluate the economic characteristic of the project and assess to what extent it can be incorporated in our long term strategy. We shall regularly inform potential investors about the opportunities existing in the portfolio of projects.

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